Sliding Windows Salt Lake City

Sliding windows are ideal for homeowners who appreciate an unobstructed view of the outdoors. They create a wide viewing area in any room while maintaining the convenience of operable sashes for ventilation.

Years of innovation has resulted in a collection of replacement home windows that are designed and engineered to provide beauty, performance, ease of operation, and increased energy efficiency.

Whether you are remodeling, renovating, or building a new home A1 Remodel deliver unmatched beauty, strength, and energy savings. A1 Remodel’s home replacement windows are custom-made to fit your current window openings precisely. They are easier to install because they require no additional wall construction, in comparison to stock windows found at your local retailer.

Best of all, A1 Remodel windows gracefully enhance the architectural style of your home, whether it’s traditional or contemporary, there’s a model to fit your specific style, performance, and budget needs.

A1 Remodel Sliding Windows Features:

Brass Roller – Ensure smooth and silent operation.

Super Spacer® – A hi-tech glass spacer system that is rated to be one of the best options currently on the market for energy conservation with windows.

Removal Sashes – Release the window sashes, allowing them to lift out for easy cleaning and giving the window smoother operation and better overall structural performance.

Sash Limit Locks – Fold out of window to allow only partial opening for security.

Groove – Cut in the bottom sash for the vinyl “fin” to fit into, creating a tight and secure fit.

Cam-Style Locks – Cutting-edge locking system that not only ensured that the sashes pull together for a superior weather-proof seal, but also secures your home from intruders.

Higher Sill Dam – ¼” dam improves structural stability, while the beveled edge creates an attractive and clean finish.

Extruded Slide Rail – Slide rail that is part of the sash, ensuring that it will never pop out during opening.

Foam-filled Main Frame – Foam filling inside the structure of the window adds structural stability and insulation.

Our sliding windows are available in two or three-lite configurations, with the same color, grid, and glass options as all of our UniShield® windows. All of our windows are custom made and professionally installed, guaranteeing a perfect fit every time.

High Performance Energy Efficient Glass Packages

An effective replacement home window will keep the inner pane of glass warmer to the touch during winter months and cooler to the touch during the summer. Our exclusive UniShield® system has been proven to be more effective than comparable products on the market now, which in turn, means more energy savings for you the homeowner.

UniShield® Plus

-Double coated low-e glass.

-Argon gas filled.

-Provides excellent solar control, UV protection, and reduced energy bills.

-Reduced sound transmission.

-0.18 – 0.22 SHGC (20% Better Than EnergyStar)Super Spacer®.

UniShield® Premium

-Triple pane low-e glass.

-Argon or Krypton gas filled.

-Exceptional solar control, UV protection, and reduced heating and cooling bills.

-Reduced outside sound transmission.

-Blue Glass.

-0.14 SHGC (44% Better Than EnergyStar)Super Spacer®.

What causes window condensation to start near the edge of the glass? What is responsible for a window’s actual insulating performance to be normally 15-20% worse than advertised? The answer to both questions is the metal spacer that holds the glass panes together. To overcome these problems replacement home windows from A1 Remodel utilize the revolutionary Super Spacer® technology. Acrylic-bonded and ultra-durable, the non-metal Super Spacer® system will help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer by decreasing thermal transfer. In addition, the life expectancy of a Super Spacer® system is nearly 5 times that of traditional metal spacers, providing your home with a lifetime of energy-savings.

Super Spacer® Technology

All spacers are not created equal! When we say that our windows are manufactured with the absolute best materials available, we mean it. Our quality windows utilize a revolutionary acrylic-bonded and ultra-durable aerospace technology spacer system called Super Spacer® to ensure that your windows keep your house warm during the winter and cool during the summer. This is achieved by combining a barrier sealant, an acrylic seal, mylar backing, and a flexible thermal textile which allow the Super Spacer® system to outperformed traditional window seal systems during the most demanding conditions. Testing has shown the Super Spacer® system to be effective during 140°F temperatures with levels of 95% and 100% humidity and constant UV bombardment, and have up to 5 times the life expectancy of comparable window seal systems on the market today. In addition to this Super Spacer® sealed windows are considered to be “health smart” due to their prevention of condensation, which in turn prevents the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other allergens.

UniShield® Home Windows


  • Narrow line frame and sash maximize daylight visibility.

  • Sash-to-sill interlock design provides maximum performance and beauty.

  • Composite meeting rail reinforcement provides strength and minimizes energy transfer.

  • Designed to provide energy efficiency and thermal protection year-round.

  • The ultimate choice for maximum beauty, strength, and energy savings.